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how to spot fake google reviews

How to Spot Fake Google Reviews

As we all know, reviews are the name of the game when building trust and credibility with potential customers – particularly in service based businesses.  Google reviews are especially valuable as they increase your local visibility, and growing the number of positive Google reviews is a vital part of a local SEO strategy.  Knowing all…

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why we warn our clients against using yelp

Why We Warn Our Clients About Yelp

It all starts innocently enough- customers have started reviewing you online, and you praise your staff for providing such positive experiences that customers are willing to share them. You even think to yourself: wow, this will be a great way to build word-of-mouth business. Theoretically, you’re right. The problem comes when you get your first…

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Attention span of a goldfish

They say that a goldfish has a 3 second attention span. Bank on your average potential customer having even less.

Get Noticed Guarantee!

It’s risky investing money into a new idea, a marketing effort, or an ad campaign.  Nobody has an unlimited budget- so you try to spend it wisely, avoiding risk and sticking to tactics you’re sure will work. And then they don’t. We’ve all been there.  You were sure this would make your phone ring off…

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Keys to Brand Establishment

We believe in 5 keys to establishing a brand.  These are: SEE:  You need to get all eyes focused on you, AND have something for those eyes to focus on.  This is where a logo, a robust website, printed material, and strategic video come into play. HEAR:  A strong voice and a carefully crafted message are essential. You need to make…

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Targeted social engagement

Do you know anyone who ISN’T using some form of social media? Chances are, the answer is no.  Even Grandma is joining in- according to the findings of the Pew Internet & American Life Project: One in three online seniors uses social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn From April 2009 to May 2011, social…

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