Keys to Brand Establishment

We believe in 5 keys to establishing a brand.  These are:

  1. SEE:  You need to get all eyes focused on you, AND have something for those eyes to focus on.  This is where a logo, a robust website, printed material, and strategic video come into play.
  2. HEAR:  A strong voice and a carefully crafted message are essential. You need to make sure your message is coherent, well conveyed, and actually reaches the intended audience.
  3. FIND: Nobody can see or hear you if they can’t find you.  Make it easy for them by being where they are- in forums, at events, on social media site, etc.  Don’t neglect your SEO.
  4. KNOW: Figure out your ‘effective frequency’- ie. the number of times an audience must be exposed to you before they remember you.  Strive to hit that number, and budget your marketing efforts accordingly.
  5. TRUST: If they know you, but don’t trust you, have you successfully established your brand? Maybe, if your vision included driving your audience away. Stay on top of managing your reputation.


Your brand can make or break you. Many new business fail within the first six months, and even more businesses suffer later due to poor planning, weak brand focus, and unmitigated reputation damage.  Addressing the 5 Keys above will go a long way toward ensuring the success of your brand, and your business.

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Posted on October 24, 2012 in Blogroll, Static copy

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Laura Mikulski is in charge of online marketing strategy at Spotlight Grabber, where she uses her years of experience in SEO, copywriting, public relations, and social media management to effectively build brands and market to an online audience.
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